Batwoman's Journey Essay

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Batwoman stalks over the rainy city looking for crime to stop. She has been working for Batman and watching over the city when he went on vacation. Batman claimed that he was going to Florida for business so Batwoman got to look over the city. He gave very striked orders saying “ protect the city Batwoman from robbers and killers” she said “ I will do my best boss”and she went out into the night. Batwoman has not seen anything all night ,and it was 2 A.M she was about to give up. All of the sudden the bat signal was in the air and she disappeared into the night.

When she arrived at the point where the bat signal was she began to patrol. The area had a lot of old abandoned building and a lot of alley ways the only thing there that people lived
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Batwoman didn't think much of it so she went back on the rooftop of the motel. When she reached the top the door at the top of the motel was open when it wasn't earlier. Batwoman turned on her flashlight and went in to see if someone tried to break in. There was multiple floors of the motel she was on the top. She slowly walked threw the dark as night hallway looking for anything suspicious. Nothing caught her eye till the bottom floor the hallway was light up now with candles. There was many broken windows in the hall. 3 cats that must have crawled through the windows sat in the middle of the hallway. When Batwoman got close they all danced and ran in different directions. These cats acted very weird so she ran after one to the parking lot outside of the…show more content…
Batwomen didn't know what to do she had to get catman plus forty cats. When she thought maybe if i get him to dab and force him to make them stop. Batwomen jumped off the building next to the motel and yelled” STO....’’ “STOP WHAT I'M DOING WHAT HAS TO BE DONE”

Catman bolted from the scene and Batwomen wasn't far behind. Batwomen was catching up to him when she tripped over the fat cat. She had a flashback tripping over the cat and hitting the ground. The cat was the same cat under the car which probably broke into the car right before she got there. He could have stole more things if he was there for that long. Batwomen hit the ground with force and stood back up and kept on running. She was almost right next to him when he dabbed scared

Batwomen tackled him to the ground like a MMA fighter getting knocked out. She yelled “PU…” A cat meowed trying to get Batwomen off Catman. Batwomen punches the cat in the face so she can stop Catman. Batwomen says “ put back what you have
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