Bausch and Lomb Case Study Essay

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Bausch & Lomb Case Study MAR5416 Question 1: What do you think of the way that management team handled the reorganization of the sales organization? The reorganization was intended to merge the region’s four sales forces into one. I believe that Bausch & Lomb should have handled this reorganization with an open book policy. In the first phase of Stronger As One, Bausch & Lomb informed employees that they were making…show more content…
This most likely calmed the fears of employees that might have been fearing being laid off from the company. The new RBD’s that were unfamiliar with 2 out of the 3 areas seemed to complicate communication problems within the integrated team because they lacked expertise in all areas but the one they were previously concentrating on. The Surgery TM’s that were working under non-­‐surgery managers began struggling for guidance because the Regional managers could not keep up to speed fast enough to properly manage the surgery TM’s. In the second phase of Stronger As One, Bausch & Lomb conducted a benchmark study that revealed that the new TM structure was already becoming costly. The study revealed that Bausch & Lomb’s TMs had a significantly higher cost and had more customers per TM than their competitors. It was necessary for the “minimize
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