Baxter Pumps Case Study

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-Prodcedure on Baxter pumps: Call Baxter when trouble shooting pumps. -IsoTrain: Check you folders and online. -E-Source activation guidelines is on the break room door. -Rejected bags: Write codes on mas paperwork. -Hazardous waste audit is being done by Mr. Pagan and Mr. Faraglla. -Zinc is still on back order. -Wellfount issue: Call Mr. Mike if there are orders being put in by the hospital that we do not have the supplies for. - Still using FedEx for certain hospitals Monday-Friday. -FH New Symrna: Mr. Mike is training them next week. Might go live August 1st. -Tomorrow there is a new hospital called Oviedo Medical Center. Earl -Keep filling out the daily rejected sheets. -If there is a power outage: Make sure the correct date is on the
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