Bay Area's Generational Movement

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Popular culture says that history repeats itself and that I belong to a generation where an overall style does not exist. From music to clothing everyone is desperately trying to reach into the past. The 60s, 70s, and 80s all have defining styles prevalent to that specific decade, for example disco. As a result to addressing the uniqueness of California and its culture in the 1990s Bay Area patrons began a move toward rap, hard-hitting beats, baggy clothing and defined dance styles. California was home to the newest cohesive generational movement. It was home to the development of the Hyphy Movement and the defining aspects of a craze that in itself was crazy. In areas that include San Francisco, Oakland, Fairfield and Hayward transformed. The Hyphy Movement demanded acknowledgment of the Bay Area’s diverse and particularly its interesting take on the California Dream.
The Hyphy Movement was a special time in history because it was revolutionizing a decade. The early 2000s was laced with an influential culture that spread throughout the Bay Area as something entirely its own. The word “hyphy” from which the movement gets its name began as slang for the word hyperactive. Keak da Sneak, an Oakland-based rapper, credits himself for beginning the terminology. Famous artists from the Hyphy Movement also include Mac Dre, E-40, The…
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