Bay Of Pigs Invasion Essay

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Bay of Pigs Invasion: America was much interested in Cuba since 1898. During the period of freedom struggle Theodore Roosevelt helped Cuba to liberate them from Spain. Thus Cuba became pro-American territory until 1959. General Fulgencio Batista was a supporter of American policies and during his reign Cuba became a friendly nation to U.S. companies. As a result a number of American Companies and people owned large area of sugar plantation, cattle ranches and mines. Further, Batista was anti-communist. Therefore USA was in favor of Batista and against to Castro. In 1959, a young Cuban nationalist Fidel Castro led his guerilla army to Havana and subverted Batista’s regime. Fidel Castro was a man of many secrets.(34) Eleven days after subverting Batista’s regime in 1959, seventy-five political prisoners were shot dead and buried in the trench in dark night. Thus, it marked Fidel Castro’s reign of terror. He became the ruler of Cuba and started to nationalize every American…show more content…
A number of advisors told the new president JFK that Castro was no real threat to America but JFK thought that the invasion in Cuba would show the Russia, China and other anti-Americans that the president was thinking seriously about the cold war. Kennedy started to continue Eisenhower’s policy but had some doubts about its planning. He declared that instead of covert invasion the overt and direct invasion would be beneficial. However, the CIA didn’t agree with this plan and therefore the covert invasion took place. The first step of this attack was to destroy the air-force of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. However, the battle between Cuba and America didn’t remain the battle between two countries. Instead, it went ahead as the fight between two powerful leaders- John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro. The authors- Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard beautifully depicted this battle in following
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