Bayada Leadership Interview

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Growth and development are important to the long-term success of future leaders. While under no obligation, current leaders can aid tomorrow’s leaders through trainings, mentoring and providing insight to the organization. Over the past month I had the opportunity of interviewing four leaders within Bayada Home Health Care. The leaders hailed from different specialty practices and varying levels of leadership within the company. I asked each leader the same set of questions. Their responses were widespread and varied but often shared common themes.
At Bayada, clients come first and employees are the company’s greatest asset. It is the job of company leaders to ensure this statement remains true. Leaders should possess a servant mentality where they’re a resource for staff and an advocate for clients. I’ve learned leadership often requires you to be self-less and put the focus on others.
Reflecting on this experience, I realized the first year(s) in a leadership position can be overwhelming. There may be a period of adjustment to earn the respect of your team as an authority figure rather than a peer. There may be a learning curve you have to become acclimated to. However, in time leaders are able to build a structure, prioritize and strategize for success.
In a position of leadership, challenges are
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Leaders face many demands for their attention but are still expected to speak, listen, and treat others with respect. Good leadership requires the ability to set priorities and always be prepared. When I reflect back on the interviews, I consider myself blessed to have had this opportunity. I appreciated the learning experience, value the information I received and know I will utilize it in the
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