Issues Regarding The Bayada Employees

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On the behalf of Baynard I would like to address a few issues regarding the Bayada staff.
First and foremost, there is a Bayada staff that works directly with Ronniesha Potts, that has the tendency to make decisions for her. Constantly shows Ronniesha that she does not want to be here, or work with her. There was a time where she told Ronniesha “I’m not coming back here, this is it.” Every time Ruth comes on shift, she tells me that Ronniesha wants to stay in bed all day. Disregarding any conversations that I have had with Ronniesha encouraging her to get out of bed. Ruth will get Ronniesha out of bed at 1pm, because it is beneficial to the fact that she leaves at 3pm. Also, when she leaves Ronniesha in bed, she will sit in the room and ignore the fact that Ronniesha is talking to her, because she is holding personal conversations on her phone. In most cases I have to step in just to let her know that I’m listening to her. This is not fair to Ronniesha, if she has a nurse that does not want to be here in the first
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Bayada feels the need to micromanage and “direct” our Direct Support Professionals. 7/23/17 I was told by Fem that “nurses” are complaining about me, stating that I am not “doing my job”. She even went as far telling me what my responsibilities and duties are, as if I don’t already know. No other nurse at this house has made a complaint about me regarding my work ethics at Baynard or any other subject regarding Baynard. I don’t know which “nurses” she was reffering to. However, Baynard is a small home with a lot of staff from both companies, all of which are grown. From my understanding, Bayada is not responsible for issuing orders to our staff regarding Baynard, if it does not relate to the direct care of our individuals. There is always an issue about how the beds are made, the way other staff work and what time to do laundry. All of which do not relate to the care of the
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