Bayer Management of Innovation and Technology

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Technological Change refers to the emergence of new products and processes in the marketplace brought about by innovative initiatives and distributive strategies; this in turn motivates formation of new industries and competitive rivalries for the organization. At Bayer it has always been their mission to create new innovations to better the lives of people. The pharmaceutical company has focused over the years on health care, nutrition and high-tech materials. Through Bayer Schering Pharma AG in Germany the company has been spearheading R&D in Oncology by employing multiple strategies and decimating competitive influences in the process. By analyzing Bayer’s competitive approach to R & D, we can better grasp the scope of
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for use following induction chemotherapy in older adults with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) to shorten the time to neutrophil recovery and reduce the incidence of severe and life-threatening infections and infections resulting in death.

❖ Regorafenib - Is an investigational anti-cancer drug with a distinct profile targeting angiogenic (VEGFR, TIE-2), stromal (PDGFR-β) and oncogenic (RAF, RET and c-KIT) receptor tyrosine kinases. Regorafenib is currently being evaluated in a large global Phase III trial as a potential treatment for patients with heavily pretreated, advanced colorectal cancer (CRC).

Managerial Implications

❖ Before top management at Bayer can begin to make headway into the competitive marketplace, a clear competitive strategy needs to be outlined which would prevent impulsive major decisions.

❖ Innovation is the main driver behind competitive advantage in the marketplace. Therefore real commitment to innovation will require heavy investments in products, partnerships and research.

❖ To the untrained eye, Bayer seems to be a company that has been divided, sub-divided, merged and all manner of complexities. But what management needs to understand is that Bayer’s internal structure is in keeping with their organizational strategy and it might be necessary to reconfigure the
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