Bayou Farewell Essay

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Bayou Farewell The story is told by Mike Tidwell, a man who chooses to hitchhike down the Bayou, catching rides on stranger's boats who he has never met before. He started on his exciting journey, not knowing what would become of him. Relying on strangers kindness, and a great deal of luck. Throughout the book the author travels down the 'Baya', as the Cajun people call it, and meets many people of Cajun background who call this place their home. The Author's main purpose in writing this book is to share with the world the lifestyle of these Cajun people; and how their home is disappearing before their own eyes. He wants to call attention to the rising problem of the disappearing marshlands, with the intention of slowing down the…show more content…
Throughout his journey he makes many friends who are all extremely kind and willing to lend a hand. Mike Tidwell wrote this novel with the purpose of informing the readers about the wonderful, often overlooked location that is the Bayou. He wants the public to know that this region is a treasure and holds many unique qualities that so many places in the United States are missing today. Through his journeys he came to love the land and the water. He learned a great deal about shrimping and crabbing, and the way of life on the Cajun coast. While he wrote this book to inform people about the region, he also wrote it to persuade readers to care. He wants people to realize that this territory is becoming extinct. There are many reasons why much of the marshlands are turning to open waters, and he wants to make sure that the readers become curious about them. He wants to pass on his love of the land to those who read about his experiences. He most likely hopes that people will read this book and consider what they can do to help out the cause. Most of the author's statements are based on experiences. The majority of the book is about the experiences that the author has during his travels down the bayou. While a few of his chapters do have some facts about the problem of the “sinking land”, it's mainly based on his experiences. He writes about what he knows and what he learns. While his opinions on

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