Bayou Macon-Madison Baptist Association Analysis

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Churches are an important part of the community. They join together for the purpose of spreading the word of the gospel and to help serve the community in times of need. In my area, there is an association of churches joined together for that purpose. The Bayou Macon-Madison Baptist Association is an organization of 36 Southern Baptist Churches that work together to do mission work, serve the church members and pastors, and other work to minister to the people.

The Bayou Macon-Madison Baptist Association is located in Epps, Louisiana and is headed by Director of Missions Bro. Jay Morgan. It is an organization of 36 churches that work together to spread the word of Christ and to improve the lives of church members as well as members of the community. Bro. Jay Morgan serves the churches of the association as an advisor. He advises the pastors of the churches and acts as a resource person to them. The association offers different programs for pastors to help them improve their skills so they can better serve their churches.

The association organizes mission work locally and internationally to reach people not normally reached by the message of the churches. Whether these churches minister to people here in the community or in another country, such as Honduras, the members of the association work hard to ensure that their …show more content…

Brotherhood rallies and women's retreats are arranged in order to help encourage men and women to serve their churches. Youth discipleship events, such as D-Now, are also organized to minister to the younger members of the churches. The association's purpose is to unite the churches so they are better able to serve the community and to fulfill God's purpose for them. As Director of Missions Bro. Jay Morgan said, “One cord is weak, but when many cords are wound together, they are strong. That's what we do when all our churches work

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