Baz Luhrmann's Modern Version Of Romeo and Juliet

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Baz Lurhmann’s creation of the film Romeo and Juliet has shown that today’s audience can still understand and appreciate William Shakespeare. Typically, when a modern audience think of Shakespeare, they immediately think it will be boring, yet Lurhmann successfully rejuvenates Romeo and Juliet. In his film production he uses a number of different cinematic techniques, costumes and a formidably enjoyable soundtrack; yet changes not one word from Shakespeare’s original play, thus making it appeal to a modern audience.
Lurhmann sets the film in a fictitious border city between the United States and Mexico. The city is called ‘Verona’ so it maintains its original name from the play. It is extremely built-up and urban just like New York or
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By Lurhmann adding the use of cannabis into the movie it relates further to a modern audience because they know all about drugs as they are around and are available so often thus identifying with these examples of youth.
To relate to a modern audience further, Lurhmann shows the families as gangs. When you see the Montague boys driving in their car they are all dressed the same and acting the same. You then come across the Capulet’s who again are dressed the same and acting the same. Both gangs meet up in the petrol stations and start having a fight. The fight resembles gang warfare in the modern society. By showing the families as gangs, Lurhmann can relate to the younger modern audience even more because they understand the hatred between two gangs in a big city and how if they meet up, there is always a fight.
At the very beginning of the movie Lurhmann starts by making the audience instantly focus on the screen and nothing else. The camera zooms in onto a TV set whilst an anchor-woman on a news programme presents the synopsis of the story, “two households both alike in dignity...” Because the only object on the screen is one TV set with a black background, the audience focuses only on the news reporter which gives them a better understanding of the movie ahead and it instantly gets the viewers to concentrate hard. This synopsis is then enhanced by words and repeated lines both flashing across the screen and said by the voiceover. Thus, even if the audience cannot
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