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A. The given scenario describes the daily struggles one might face as an HIM Manager or Supervisor. The individual discussed in this scenario is actually a very recently hired HIM manager for a rural hospital in the area. There are is a couple different approaches I would take in order to handle this situation to the best of my ability. The 1st step I would take is to look at the current individuals I am managing, and overall analyze their position at the hospital. I need to be fully aware of their exact duties, and analyze in detail things about each position. The 2nd step I will need to do is look at the outpatient clinic position, and see exactly what is required for this clinic. Next I will need to make a decision on who will be the…show more content…
A3. In this scenario there are three locations for the rural hospital: * Main hospital * Attached outpatient clinic * Outpatient clinic located 50 miles from the hospital In order to make the best decision for the staffing of both locations it is essential to 1st understand the requirements required at the locations. To do this the current job functions must be analyzed, and documented for all positions. After documentation is done it the job duties of each position will be reviewed. At this point I can decide if the current job functions meet the requirements for the location, or if new duties need to be added. So for this scenario I have made a list of the required main positions for the locations: * Main hospital coder * Main hospital front office * Attached outpatient clinic coder * Outpatient clinic out of town coder * Outpatient clinic out of town front office A4. Prior to being able to thoroughly analyze the situation, and make a decision it is essential to have discussions with several individuals. I need to discuss with all the current employees I manage about their overall job responsibilities. I will also need to discuss with management about the requirements they have set for the positions. Some of the individuals I will need to talk to are the following: * Chief Financial Officer-Discuss in detail declining numbers, and other financial information *

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