Bby's Husband Towards His Wife Character Analysis

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Family can be life’s greatest gift. However, some people do not view their family as such. “We can imagine the shape of the cathedral materializing before his inner eye that he learns that conventional vision is not the only way to see things and that eyes are not the only organs with which one can view the world” (Campbell, 65). These protagonists having trouble getting along with their loved ones, however, Bub has a change of heart, but Granny does not. Bub is ignorant towards his wife and the blind man, Robert. Granny displays malicious intent with everyone she meets.
To start off, Bub is ignorant towards his wife and the blind man, Robert. Bub does not see his wife as a partner whose feelings have value. His marriage represents the typical …show more content…

He feels like he is the shining light in his wife’s life. Bub was so unhappy about having another man around his wife that he commented: “I wasn’t enthusiastic about his visit” (Carver, X). Bub is not looking forward to his wife paying mind to another male. He feels Robert might be competition, considering Robert and his wife’s history. Bub feels his wife’s ex-husband is not important anymore: “Why should he have a name?” (Carver, x). It is about Bub now, not the nameless officer. FIXBub thinks his wife has been ogling Robert: “My wife finally took her eyes off the blind man” (Carver, x). Bub never addresses him as Robert, is still cold and unwelcoming, and feels left out of all the hullabaloo between his wife and Robert: “They talked of things that happened-to them!” (Carver, x). Although Bub does not care about Robert’s life, he wants Robert to care about his. Bub is waiting for his moment of glory: “I waited in vain to hear my name on my wife’s sweet lips” (Carver, x). Bub wants his wife to gush about how great he is to Robert. Bub only cares about what his wife says if it involves him looking good. Insert how bub is all this until the last minute when he draws with Robert and finally

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