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PD F -X C h a n ge PD F -X C h a n ge ! W N O y bu to k C lic m C lic k to bu y N O .c W w ! .d o w o .d o c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k .c To: Mr. Mclvor, From: Echo - im89011 Subject: B.C. PACKERS CASE MEMO Date: May 5, 2011 Case Background Canadian cat food market showed arising opportunity in 1987. B.C. Packer, the famous market leader in both canned salmon and tuna provider was considering the possibility of entering the Canadian cat food market, in order to get more profit from its by-product instead of just cover its cost by selling commodity bulk of fish meal. Therefore, a study with detail analysis based on all the information…show more content…
Advantages and limitations As leader of canned of fisheries producers, B.C. Packer got lower cost position on raw materials. By-products from Philippines plant could be directly used, chicken and beef could be got from their other divisions. So investment won’t be a high amount for expanding plant capacity, which is about $250,000. Besides, they have smooth and mature channel to distribute the new products. The excess capacity is only about 1728 tons on current production. Moreover, the line is only support for can with 90g package, to add a new line for the other package, there will be a one-time cost of $20,000. 2 o m w w w w PD F -X C h a n ge PD F -X C h a n ge ! W N O y bu to k C lic m C lic k to bu y N O .c W w ! .d o w o .d o c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k .c Analysis on best estimation Premium class is a niche market. Of course, all players would like to get into this market since its attractive profit. But the problem is most of them are lack of technology to achieve, including B.C. Packer. To solve the problem, it will cause the player a high R&D cost. I don’t think it is a wise idea to consider getting into this market. See EXHIBIT 2. After deducting fix cost, gourmet brands product would still have 48% CM and national brand product would have 39% CM. The break-even is higher than all excess
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