Bcbg Swot Analysis Essay

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The fashion designer clothing line BCBG stands for bon chic, bon genre. It is a French term that means good style, good attitude. Max Azria founded the line in 1989 and was inspired to bring European sophistication to American fashion. His line has now expanded to shoes, handbags, sunglasses, swimwear, jackets, fragrance, accessories and menswear. The label is high quality, affordable, classic and sophisticated. It is targeted toward women of all ages, shapes and personal styles. He carries everything from chic dresses to casual pants and tops. The ever growing and prosperous BCBG line is expected to be around for many years to come.
BCBG provides most of its sales revenue through "bricks and mortar" stores, which means
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The uniqueness of the demographics of BCBG is that the boutiques are only in large cities, which gives the best business because of the large number of people in the areas. As for psychographics of the company, the goal is to provide attire that can be worn straight from work to a night on the town. The target market, being young professional women, can appreciate the designer price zone, because even though they are professional at work, they also enjoy the nightlife and make enough money to maintain their splurges and bills. For this they need versatile, high fashion garments at prices that won't spoil their income. They have a great mix that they market and manage very well.

SWOT Analysis: The internal strengths and weaknesses of the company, and the external opportunities and threats from the viewpoint of the company

The company's strengths are what make the company unique and prosper. The advantages that this company has, is their ability to make 1.7 Billion in sales profit for one year. They have over 1400 stores worldwide and have 17 different brands in which they acquire the billions of dollars that they make. The brand is considered a total Lifestyle brand. Some of their brands are BCBGGirls, To the Max, Herve Leger, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Max Azria, Max and Cleo and Street beat. They are able to produce 200,000 garments per day, and they can also ship 70 million units per year. BCBG
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