Bcg Matrix Is A Model Developed By Bruce Henderson Of The Boston Consulting Group

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The BCG matrix is a model developed by Bruce Henderson of the Boston Consulting Group (NetMBA). The goal of the BCG matrix was to allow fellow marketers to easily analyze a product, whether it be old, or new, as to how effective it was in that particular market and if the product was successful in its overall product growth and market share. When it comes to selling a product, a company must overcome competitors in the same market who are looking to take a piece of the share of consumers. Therefore, in order to be successful, the use of a model such as the BCG allows a marketer to assess their competitive advantages as well as the ability to calculate the relative market share. For example, once you have products that have hit the market and have already established themselves, you can check back and cross examine those products to see which ones are important to your success as an organization and which ones you should contemplate scaling back on because these products may be viewed as questionable. According to NetMBA the BCG matrix contains four key components; the stars, the cash cows, dogs, and question marks. The stars of the matrix are the go getters. This part of the mix contains your products that continuously show an increase in growth industry within the market and a high market share. In other words, these products have been so superb that they influence deeper looks into how to smartly invest whilst bringing about a noticeable change to rekindle interest in

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