Be Careful Not to Plagairize Essay

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According to the Harvard Guide to Use Sources, it is considered plagiarism if you use a language or report and turn it in as your own without appropriately crediting the sources used. On the sources that you used to gather information, if you can not locate the author, make sure to scroll down and look everywhere for an author. If you cannot locate an author, make sure that you appropriately cite the website in your bibliography. Although it may seem obvious, while you use the Internet to gather information, you need to be extra wary about where you gathered your information because you can mistakenly plagiarize. Although it may have been a mistake, you still take the consequences because you DID commit plagiarism and there is nothing…show more content…
An extremely helpful way to avoid mosaic plagiarism is by keeping track of your ideas and the ideas that you have gathered from your source(s). It is advisable to write down the ideas that belong to you and the ideas that you have gathered through your research on separate papers labeled differently. "Inadequate paraphrasing" is also an easy way to commit plagiarism. In order to paraphrase, you need to change more than just a couple of words. When you re-write it, if it is too close to the original, then you are plagiarizing. According to the Harvard Guide of Using Sources, while you write your paraphrased statement, it may help if you put away the source that you used. If you can not express the meaning you are intending to convey, you can write the authors statement in verbatim and put the statement in quotation marks and apply the appropriate citation. Next, you will learn about an "Uncited Paraphrase." When you paraphrase another persons sentence or article, that information still belongs to them even though you paraphrased it. It is not adequate to just source your material, but you also have to cite the source even if you have paraphrased extremely well because the idea(s) still belong to the author(s). A rule of thumb is that if you did not come up with the idea(s) yourself, you need to cite the source because you were not the person who introduced that piece of article which means you need to use the appropriate citations. Very similar to an Uncited
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