Be Here Now

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* The short story ”Be Here Now” written by Miguel Syjuco, was published in 2012. The short story is from Miguel Syjuco’ anthology “Elsewhere”. We meet a journalist who is struggling with PTSD, and his girlfriend Jenna. The story is about a mixed race man, his grandfather was Asian. He is a photographer, and he has previously been taking war pictures in an Arabic country. “I browse through some of my photos that made front pages. A soldier on his knees defusing an IED on the roadside […] A group of boys hiding behind mothers and sisters dressed in niqabs”. This quote shows that he has been in a warzone in an Arabic country. The short story takes place in their house, and follow them through there first days after moving in. The…show more content…
When he has to choose between staying in his world, occupied by his own memories of the war, or the present world, he chooses the latter. ------------------------------------------------- Jenna seems to be avoiding the change in her fiancé: “she looks at me like I’m hiding something but decides against saying anything” ------------------------------------------------- The issue seems to be avoided, because they never discuss the change in the journalist’s behavior. Jenna keeps herself busy by planning the wedding and unpacking, but it clearly affects her: “I heard plates and glasses crash in the sink.” ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- She is frustrated, as the journalist doesn’t participate in their world and their life together. ------------------------------------------------- Jenna has an important role in the short story, because she symbolizes the present world that is constantly rejected by the journalist. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- The themes of the story are long distance relationship and adjusting back to a normal everyday life. Jenna and the narrator have been away from one another, while the narrator was working. It’s good to be home, even if home is unfamiliar. We do not know for how long he has been in the war, but he needs time to
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