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Belonging and alienation is the process of being either excluded or accepted by the society in which you live. Belong is a human conception,mostly considered a fundamental human need and a source of survival, safety, protection and happiness. To belong is usually considered positive and essential for a successful existence:however a negative sense of belonging:found among the displaced, marginalised and uncared for can lead to many social, filial and personal problems that can be almost insurmountable for the individual. The short trop fest film “Be My Brother” by Genevieve Clay 2009, represents these ideas through the films central characters. The film deals with society and people with disabilities feeling displaced within society due to…show more content…
Clothing in this segment plays a crucial role. Amanda is wearing black clothing, which portrays her social standing, which represents class, elegance, and wealth, whereas Richard is wearing brown clothing, expressing dull, inferior and being less important. The full shot used demonstrates the relationships between characters, and where they stand in society. In addition, social acceptance can be displayed within the family. Richard feels displaced around his brother Damien. This is exemplified in the scene where Damien wearing a black hoodie with his hood up, incorporated with the wide shot depicts resentment and exclusion, where Damien feels embarrassed about his brother because he has a disability. The black hoodie symbolises something evil and depressed which contributes to the isolation Richard is experiencing. As Richard passes his hand with the audio recorder to Damien, Damien promptly tries to avoid Richard by moving his head. The close up shot allows the audience to see Damien’s facial expression conveying Damiens arrogance towards Richard. Social acceptance is the key concept within the film “Be My Brother”, where cameral angles and clothing play a crucial role in revealing the idea of feeling accepted and to belong within society. Disconnection and isolation is portrayed throughout the film between Richard and his brother. The negative sense of belonging, where someone feels isolated; found among the marginalised and

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