Be Patient For Parking Space

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Yuemeng (Lena) Zhao
Professor Nava
13 NOV 2015
Be Patient for Parking The shortage of parking space in America 's college is becoming an extremely concerned problem. This parking issue is highly impacting students ' campus life. Many college students, even faculties, and visitors find that it is hard to park on campus, especially at some busy times. The situation is that students would encounter parking is so scarce, and they have to wait for somebody to leave and take their spots. Otherwise, students have to waste their time driving around and around the parking lot. Even though students pay for their parking permit, they are not guaranteed for a parking space. The shortage of parking space causes a lot of trouble for students. Because of there is no parking space, students will get late for class, which could lead their grade to get lower. In other cases, students will have to park in a very faraway place, which they are forced to prepare more time to park and it takes them too long to walk to their classrooms. It also increases the risk and danger walking and driving in the parking lot. Drivers need to drive while they are searching, which could be very dangerous. To solve the shortage of parking spaces, colleges are suggested to build a parking structure, open more parking lot at busy times, manage the class time to relieve the busy period and provide more pubic transportation and bicycle services to the students.
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