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Karate is one of the most important aspects of my life. It has introduced me not only to new people but also to new experiences. It has taught me important lessons and given me priceless skills. Because of karate, I am a more confident, healthy, and responsible person than I have ever been before. Most importantly, martial arts has helped me to embody the five elements of the Be Your Best Self program before I even learned what they were. Karate keeps me active, with about eight hours of training each week, and allows me to participate in intense workouts with skilled instructors. Each week, I have the opportunity to work on a whole selection of kicking drills, punching drills, prearranged fighting routines, and improvised sparring against…show more content…
My short-term goal was to make it to yellow belt, the first colored belt in my karate style, and my long-term goal was to earn my black belt. When I began karate, both of these goals seemed very daunting and impossibly difficult to achieve. But I didn’t let that stop me. I put my whole heart into karate at the age of 12 and worked hard every time I trained. Eight months later, I earned my yellow belt. I was proud of myself and happy with where I was as a karate student. I could have decided to stop where I was but I had set my sights on black belt, and I wanted to get there. For years, I trained for hours every week, dedicated to learning everything I possibly could, so that I would be ready when it was time for me to test for black belt. At the age of 16, I finally reached that goal and earned my black belt. It took nearly 5 years to achieve my goal but the pride I felt in my hard work made it worth every second. Now I have set new goals, to teach others what I know about karate, and to grow in my own karate knowledge. Karate has made me a more ambitious and goal-oriented person and thus it helps me embody the fourth aspect of BYBS; Be
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