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Many different people have very different perceptions on what it is to be a man. Since history began, different cultures have had different perspective on how to be a man and what a man is. The definition of a man had varied from ability, performance, and behavior. Some see manliness as acting foolish and overbearing. Others see being a man, as being a strong and courageous individual. This second version of being a man is the one all men should seek to be, but is not the most widely accepted version of manhood. The common stereotype of being a man can have a lot of consequences on society and men themselves. A good portion of Americans have a more negative perception on the definition of manhood. Many Americans see being a man as…show more content…
Since little girls are encouraged to please adults in their appearance, men will respect women less in adulthood. As a result, women will always try to find a way to please a man without giving thought to themselves. If a man continues to reject a woman because of their appearance, this can lead to emotional distress among a woman. This distress can lead women to make conclusions and stereotypes about all men. This is why the “men are pigs” statements are common among women. So, it is easy to say, that some parents are to blame for contributing to the stereotype of masculinity. Parents need to be the ones to raise not only their boys, but their girls to help make the image of masculinity a better one. Another suspect would be the environment of competitive sports. This competitive nature according to Theroux can lead to, in the future, bad marriages, moral degeneration, and sadists. People can say that sports does a person good, but a few number of athletes behave like gentlemen according to Theroux (224). Sports need to be reassessed and need to be changed to make real men, not overbearing morons. Sports are very common among young men, and very favored. If sports were to change, then Americans perspective on masculinity would change through time for the better. Sports should be more about having fun, creating memories, and fair winning. The perspective of masculinity we have today, can do a lot

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