Beach Marine Sediments

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Marine Sediments are the particles of organic or inorganic matter that accumulates in a loose, unconsolidated form. After the continuous raining of sediments, the deep floors have varied from centimeters of thickness per year. When we think of sediment, we think have erosion of minerals that were once on land, remains of living organisms, and chemical reactions that associate with the ocean (terrigenous,biogenic, hydrogenous, and cosmogenic ). This process has helped determine the age of the seafloor and what it may be in the future. Sediments are like the memory of the ocean, due to the recycled tectonic plates, only dates back to 180 million years ago. Although the ocean cannot reveal its early history, sufficient evidence has allowed…show more content…
For example, one could find this sand on our near by beaches such as Newport. There are other sand types such as coral sand, where could primarily be found in the shore of Oahu, Hawaii. White sandy beaches could also consist of limestone and other types of coral as well. Now in reference to how each of these kinds of beaches does not have the same sand type, is due to the fact that areas are geologically different. Newport beach is located on the edge of the pacific plate, right along the North American, where we find all types of terrain and activity. We can assume that we have an average amount of rainfall, wild fires here and there, and all types of natural sediment that find its way to the ocean. When we compare this to the island of Hawaii, we find that its approximately located in the middle of the pacific, has more of tropical type weather and has lots of volcanoes. Now each area of the world varies and ultimately this decides what kind of water temp there will be, what kind of terrain and what types of sea life it will harbor. This is how many beaches around are different Its not because of the formation of which the ocean was made or how
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