Beach Selected : Glenelg Beach

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Beach selected: Glenelg beach
History: According to Glenelg SA (2015), Glenelg beach is only 12km from the centre of Adelaide, Glenelg is a pleasing entertaining beach resort set amongst the sandy shores of the bay of Holdfast. In 1836, Glenelg was the site of South Australia’s original mainland settlement. Processes that affect Glenelg Beach:
There are multiple factors that affect Glenelg beach and other Adelaide beaches.
The drift of sand that is going north is created by the winds and waves. Although, sand can move in different wind conditions. This sand movement is also known as a littoral drift. Big quantities of sand is eroded due to the cause of considerable damage to beach, dune and nearshore areas because of a coastal storm. Therefore, Glenelg beach cannot be considered stable just like other Adelaide beaches. Before the settlement of the Europeans, Glenelg beach had been withheld by costal dune erosion. Although due to the subsequent development occurring on the top of the dunes, a replenishment process has to be carried out artificially.
Big quantities of sand have either been put away and not used or removed from Glenelg beach due to development on the coast. Multiple Adelaide coasts have been built upon an extensive system of dunes on the coast or, alternatively, due to the need of providing land for housing and Adelaide airport, dunes were used to infill backswamps of the coast. Along the Lefevre Penisula, land was reclaimed to create the suburb of North…

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