Beach Volleyball vs. Indoor Volleyball

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Ashley Lechleidner-Rodriguez
English Composition 1101
September 30, 2011

Indoor and Beach Volleyball have gained immense popularity over the years. They’re both very fun sports that anyone at any age can enjoy. Although most people would think both sports are the same, the truth is they are very different. The environment, rules of play and the collegiate opportunities that many players have are a few of the main components that separate these sports. Indoor volleyball was invented in Holyoke Massachusetts by William G. Morgan on February 9, 1895. Originally, the sport was known as “Mintonette” until it was changed a year later to “volleyball” which it is still known as today. The present name
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Beach is not as complicated as this because there are absolutely no referees present unless it’s the professional level, then there tends to be some. Nevertheless, the players themselves are the ones that control the game and must be honest at all times. Volleyball has been a

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