Beaded Christmas Observation

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Pictured above is a hobby that I am interested in trying, beaded Christmas ornaments and these are way different than from the ones in the late 1960’s. There are kits available at stores and online of course but many times I do not have the time to learn a new hobby. Eventually I will find the time to make these ornaments. I like the way they are displayed on their own arm hooks, they look so dainty and festive and the colors can be changed for the holidays and not necessary ornaments for Christmas.

The person who did these ornaments is creative and of course has the time to do something they love and not consider it work. By the way the room is situated this person is very organized as well. It also looks like she or he does crochet as well by noticing the doily on the table and that is a craft that still eludes me as well as knitting, but I still want to learn those eventually.

By looking out the window, you can see a bit of the garden which looks to me well maintained. Somehow the image reminds me of a home in the country. It also looks like they like the color green by the tablecloth they have on the table, which is a good sized table to do various crafts. So, it would seem the person or people here are creative, organized, and neat
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Of course the more we did crafts the better we got at it. We learned from the many mistakes we made in whatever craft we did and we either corrected it or left alone and be more aware of it next time we did the same project or a variation of it. By doing crafts it also helped us focus on a solution for a problem we may be having at work, school, or in life. It is like the “deep practice” Coyle has mention in his chapter “The Sweet Spot”. Coyle, D. (2009) So you can bet many times I will be doing some kind of craft when I get home from work, while watching
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