Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver Essay

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Within the novel Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, the reader is introduced to a young women named Marietta, Missy, and she later on renames herself Taylor. Taylor story is much like a coming of age story, and she many new lessons along the roads of life. She learns how to deal with unforeseen troubles, phobias, and the many forms of love, and because these inner actions she learned to see a new outlook on life.>>>> Taylor started off as a young country girl in Pittman Country, and was traumatized by the mishap of Newt Hardbine's fathers over fulled tire incident. Taylor said "a tractor tire blow up and throw Newt Hardbine father over the top of the Standard Oil sign. (1) Kingsolver" It was more than enough to in steel an internal fear…show more content…
She quickly found shelter and seized the opportunity to stay dry. There she was accosted by some lack of a gentleman who made some sharp remarks about her car, calling it "A buck two-eighty... bucket of bolts" (39) Kingsolver. She took her misfortune in stride and found miss Mattie.>>>>> Taylor is a smart girl, she didn't believe it but she is. Taylor always had this thing of not having kids like the other girls she knew growing up. Yet some how this baby, later on in the story named Turtle, is dropped literally in her lap. The women who give the baby up said "Take this baby" (18) Kingsolver. Taylor is pretty apprehensive about her ability of taking care of the small child let alone her self. She still takes up the responsibility of being a parent, and to her luck shes becomes a real good one. The surrogate family she found herself immerse in even encouraged and support her with her actions on taking care of Turtle, saying "You can't promise a kid that. All you can promise is that you'll take care of them the best you can (177) Kingsolver.>>>> In the later half of the story Taylor comes across a smooth talking gentleman named Estevan. He's a friend of Mattie and right away he starts to make an impression on Taylor. He develops a strong enough relationship with her, to where she feels comfortable expressing emotions with him. A point in the book show a drastic truth to that, when Estevan explains hard choices he made and emotions start to run hot for Taylor.
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