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Beano’s Café Case Study 1. Based on segmentation variables, how is Beano’s Café now segmenting and targeting the coffee market? Beano’s Café’s target market is said to be the young people. Since they chose to serve the young people, this means that their consumers are under the demographic segment. Demographic segment consists of segments that are based on variables such as age, generation, etc. This segment therefore applies to Beano’s Café since they target young people ranging from 18 – 25 years old. Beano’s Café target their market by improving on their customer service. They did this by conducting surveys in order to find out what customers liked and disliked. The surveys showed that customers liked the café’s service,…show more content…
Similarly, they had the promotional beano’s point’s card wherein they pay 50 to 200 LE and they can use these anytime. Beano’s also had creative foam art, which made their coffee personalized and fun. They’re also the only local café that offered desserts, which were prepared by La Poire. Beano’s also had new special offers every so often. For example, in Dec 2009, they offered a special American coffee with chocolate fudge and at the beginning of 2010; they offered caramel macchiato with a muffin. 3. What changed first, the Beano’s customer or the Beano’s Café experience? Beano’s Café experience changed first, not their customers. Beano’s Café started off as a new kind of café because they served different kinds of coffee compared to the ones the people were used to. They also noticed that more than half of their customers are the youth. Because of that, they want to expand their target market. They decided they want to get the attention of senior citizens as well. From serving only the youth, they changed. Instead they decided to have mass marketing, wanting to attract both young and old. With their decision to expand their market, they decided to improve their marketing strategy by doing surveys, investing on the aspects what their customers think they need improvements on, etc. Beano’s Café experience changed for the

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