Bear Butte Today : Bears Butte

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Bear Butte Today Bear Butte, is still one of the most sacred places for both the Cheyenne and the Oceti Sakowin peoples. There are many people who are trying to reconnect their culture back to the mountain’s spiritualness. Sadly, this sacred site is constantly being threatened by outside forces, potentially destroying the sacredness of the mountain. Today, there are many people, both native and non native, who are fighting against these incroaching forces on Bear Butte. Many people are working togather to get rid of the problems surrounding the sacred mountain. In 1961, Bear Butte became a South Dakota State Park. Putting the butte under the controll of the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks department. Also, in 1965 Bear Butte became a National Landmark. The land surrounding the Sate Park, consists of mainly ranch land with a few tourist destinations. The Rosebud Sioux tribe owns 120 acres surrounding the State Park. The Northern Cheyenne also own property surrounding Bear Butte. Both the Rosebud and Cheyennes had to acquire the land through several transactions. Both tribes purchased the land to try and reconnect their people and culture back to the sacred butte. The town of Sturgis is located only 6 miles southwest. Sturgis and other nearby towns are the source for much of the controversies surrounding Bear Butte. In 2011 Bear Butte was added to the 11 most Endangered Historic Places list. There are several threats surrounding Bear Butte, but the most harmful is the
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