Bear Creek Case Study

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Case Study 1: Bear Creek

Dan Shay and George Patton formed a partnership and began developing their dream golf range. Their dream range and financial expectations fell short after the initial construction and first year of business. Martha Rawles presented Dan and George with a marketing plan that exposed the weaknesses of their golf operation. The marketing plan revealed a strong need for an advertising plan and expansion to cater to a greater segment of the golf market.

Situation Analysis:
Bear Creek must consider expanding to other marketing segments and where to put more resources into advertising. There is a growing interest of golf nationally and especially in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Dallas has an abundant supply of
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Occasional Golfers – They are limited by economic constraints, however would play more if the financial situations permitted. This opens the doors for Bear Creek to provide less expensive alternatives. They make up 62 percent of the market, so it would be highly beneficial to incorporate activities they can participate in.

Other marketing subcategories:
Women Golfers – The women 's segment is the fasted growing area with 5.4 million players.

Learners – Learners lack confidence and are good candidates for group lessons or individual instruction sessions.

Wannabe golfers – They 're large in numbers and enjoy driving ranges, driving games, miniature golf, and pitch and put.

Short-term steps to improve results in target markets (in order of priority):
1.Acquire a loan to complete the clubhouse, plumbing, video game room, and snack bar.
2.Advertise in local media (Promote off-peek hours and off-season hours).
3.Offer discounts to various women groups and hopefully introduce the sport to prospective customers.
4.Hire some low cost instructors (non-pro) that can work for a lower rate and cater to the market segments with lower financial spending power. Some of the instructors should be women to attract the growing women golfer segment. A women professional golfer would be a big plus.

Long-term strategic alternatives:
1.Buy or lease the joining 10-acre lot.
2.Build a miniature golf course and pitch and put for the entertainment golfers.
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