Bear Hunting in New Jersey

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Bear Hunting in New Jersey The head of the New Jersey Environmental Protection Agency has resumed the black bear hunts that had been paused for five years due to over hunting. In this time, the population of black bears has risen once again to a safe level for hunting, and the republican controlled government has allowed hunters to resume their hunting. Some wildlife activists see the hunts as unnecessary and cruel, and wish to defend the bears. This belief is opposed by the hunting organizations that have pointed to a long history of hunting, as well as the potential danger that black bears present, as points that may hinder their cause. I am on the side of the hunters, as I think that the government's job is to make sure both the bears are protected and the hunters are happy, and therefore a happy medium must be reached. Too many black bears can be dangerous for the residents of New Jersey. (Nuwer, 2011) They are migrating animals, and often enter into human neighborhoods in search of food often found in people's waste bins. This has led the NRA and other hunting groups to petition the state government on the issue of bear hunting for safety. Activist groups believe that taking better precautions to secure garbage around the state of New Jersey would keep the bears away from human areas, and that there are other ways to curb population growth besides hunting bears. These wildlife activists also point out that bears are usually passive, and unless threatened, are less

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