Bear 's Construction Company : Case Analysis

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Bear’s Construction Company: In regards to the responsibility for the inspections compliance and requirements put forward by the local township; Bear’s Construction Company is contractually obligated to ensure compliance. The Contract supersedes any memorandums that were signed pre-award. John was a Project Manager who was not authorized to make any changes to the Contract document. After review of the standing contract it was clearly discovered that Bear is responsible for all inspections. If Bear’s Construction Company insists in challenging their contractual obligation, the contract may be terminated for failure to perform a contractual requirement (Garrett, 2010). Furthermore, before the contract is terminated, I will schedule a meeting with Bear’s Construction Company and the Contract Manager to clarify any confusion regarding the agreed upon terms of the contract (A guide to the project managment body of knowledge (PMBOK guide), 2013). Any contract disputes should be resolved in an inexpensive, expeditious, and less formal manner, before disputes lead to any possible litigation. Ideally, there is a clause in this contract that makes arbitration the mandatory means of resolving any disputes concerning miscommunication and/or misinterpretation of any requirements (Garrett, 2010). Anne’s Interior Design: The current conflict found between the Special Conditions and General conditions section of the contract will be brought to the attention of the Contracting
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