Beaten by a Hair

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Introduction The case I chose to write on is based on a DVD that we watched in class called ‘Beaten by a hair’. In this case, a woman was reported missing after she went to work and never returned home. After the police discovered a bloody pillow case in the woods, near her house, they linked it to the missing pillow case in the woman’s room, and then realized that they had a murder case on their hands. A mystery in the case was that one of the local neighbors had mentioned seeing the woman leave through the front door of her house but the evidence says different, so investigators had to find out who left the house that morning. I am interested in this case because it was very intriguing how the forensic officers put all the pieces…show more content…
294). This means even after a week the blood has been cleaned up, luminol can still detect it. Also after applying luminol, the area needs to be darkened so that blue glow can be emitted. “The iron from the hemoglobin in the blood causes luminol to glow, so a blue glow is produced when the solution is sprayed where there is blood. Only a tiny amount of iron is required to catalyze the reaction” (Helmenstine, 2012). The use of luminol revealed that there were blood stains on the bed sheets and suspected that the woman was killed in her bedroom and that she did not go to work that day or leave the house. Upon further analysis of the woman’s bedroom, the forensic officers used a chemical called amido black. Amido black is a protein dye that is sensitive to the protein in blood and when it makes contact stains a latent blue-black colour. It is used for revealing fingerprints, trace evidence, and fibers that may be in the crime scene. This technique was not useful for the officers because they could not find any prints or evidence. The forensic officers also performed an ultraviolet light test which was used to reveal trace evidence such as vaginal fluid, urine, semen, or saliva. The ultraviolet test is usually done before using chemicals such as luminol to see if there are any fibers to be found and used first. However the officers were not able to find anything, but this method was useful to them because they could not find any evidence to prove that
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