Beating At The Heart Of Paradise Lost Lies A Common Theme

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Beating at the heart of Paradise Lost lies a common theme that Milton’s God controls all. He makes the best choices for man and his legion of angels due to His omniscient presence. Stemming from this capacity to create life with an overarching lens, He creates the most favorable outcome for his creations. Contrary to Milton’s God’s all-knowing perspective when creating Adam, in Frankenstein, Mary Shelley estranges Victor Frankenstein from his humanity during his creation of his monster. This validates that man should not play God because man does not have the vision to fully understand his own actions, leading to chaos and violence when he attempts to create life. Shelley initially conveys the consequences of playing God through the…show more content…
Disparate to Milton’s God, Victor cannot see his deteriorating humanity and the consequences of his obsession to make“a mummy imbued with animation”. This validates his lack of the omniscient lens Milton’s God uses to create life and govern the universe successfully, proving that a mere mortal should not play at being a God a bit confusing--clean up a bit(59). Due to Victor 's morality inhibiting a fruitful facade as Milton 's God, his creation of the monster inevitability fosters pandemonium not only in his own life, but wreaks havoc in those around him. Specifically, the treacherous monster killing Victor’s brother William by “[grasping] his throat to silence him, and in a moment he lay dead at [his] feet” explicates the brutal outcomes when the creator of life cannot visualize the effect his creation will have on others. Victor consumed himself with this illusion of being God, blinding himself to the monster’s capacity to turn into a violent, impassioned creature whose heart would “swell with exultation and hellish triumph”(153) at depriving another being of their life. Shelley emphasizes this violence with the savage diction of “hellish triumph” and “swell” to fully convey the spreading effect of chaos from Victor’s failed action to play God. Through the allusion to hell, Shelley also creates an image of Victor’s actions

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