Beatles Effect on Soviet Union

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The Beatles Rock Russia “You say you want a revolution. Well you know, we all want to change the world”. Those lyrics from the Beatles song Revolution were considered subversive to Soviet youth by the Communist leaders. In fact until the late 1980’s, Beatle music was banned or very difficult to obtain in Russia.(Woodhead) Their music was smuggled into the country. If a person was caught, he would be punished by the KGB. Yet, despite the efforts of the authorities, the youth of Russia managed to listen to the music. They knew the Beatles names, their hair styles and their music. The Beatles were a major factor in bringing down the Soviet Union by changing the mindset of Soviet youth. Many things probably led to the fall…show more content…
Former Russian President Gorbachov, said in2004. “The Beatles music was simply not pop music. It was showing the youth of Russia a glimpse of another world; a free world. The Beatles were revered by Russian youth and was much more than just music” .He also said,” Before perestroika, it was difficult to stop a culture revolution in youth sparked by the Beatles.”(Perrya) He also went on to say that he also enjoyed some of the Beatles music. A more recent President, Putin admitted to listening to the Beatles music when he was 10 years old. He was a big Beatles fan and listened to them secretly on the BBC. Early photos of Putin show he even tried to get the look of the Beatles. He credits his learning to speak English from listening to Beatles music. The Beatles never played in the USSR in the 1960’s but in 2003 Paul McCartney was invited to play in Red Square in front of a huge crowd of people of all ages. Most could not speak English. However most knew the words to the Beatles songs.
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