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1 Paul plays bass and keyboard on this song also featuring Alan Civil on French horn and lyrics describing lost love in a desolate fashion. It is... "Here, There and Everywhere" "I'm Only Sleeping" "Eleanor Rigby" "For No One" "Taxman" 2 This '65 Beatles album, with U.S. advanced sales of $1 million, was transitional, featuring film songs and other recordings, more introspective lyrics, and the influence of Dylan and Folk Rock. It is... Help! A Hard Day's Night Beatles For Sale Rubber Soul Revolver 3 In late '65, the Beatles released their second film, shot across the globe, which featured several new songs and first exposed them to East Indian music. It is... A Hard Day's Night Yellow Submarine Let It Be…show more content…
It is... "She Said She Said" "Eleanor Rigby" "Taxman" "Here, There and Everywhere" "Day Tripper" 19 Gay musicians felt this John song was a message to Brian Epstein, featuring a Dylan influenced folk rock sound. It is... "I Feel Fine" "The Night Before" "Eight days a Week" "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" "Act Naturally" 20 The B-side of "Paperback Writer" was John's early psychedelic song and the first released Beatles song to feature f tape and tape manipulation when recorded fast and remixed slow. It is... "Run For Your Life" "Rain" "Nowhere Man" "Taxman" "Day Tripper" 21 On May 15th, 1968, the Beatles announced the start of their own record label and production company, ______________, while appearing on The Tonight Show (guest hosted by Joe Garagiola that night). ATV Music Apple Corp, Ltd. Northern Songs, Ltd. NEMS Music Lenmac Music 22 This song is based on feedback and a guitar riff composed by... John Paul George Ringo George Martin 23 Paul plays bass and piano on this '65 Lennon and McCartney song featuring a stereo effect on vocals and rhythm section, guitar and bass doubling the same riff, and satirical lyrics with great harmonies. It is... "You're Going to Lose that Girl" "I'm Looking Through You" "Drive My Car" "Run For Your Life" "Nowhere Man" 24 George's

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