Beatrice The Bees: A Narrative Fiction

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There once was a city that was drained of cheer and light. The monstrous humans have come in and modified everything until it turned into a grey gloomy world. All the creatures wondered if the world would ever be enlighten like it once was. Beatrice the bee wanted to change the city, so it would return to being the city she had always heard about. As much as Beatrice wanted change, she never thought that she could do anything. She thought to herself, "What could a little bee like me possibly do for a megacity?" One day, Beatrice was flying through the sky, when it started to rain. She dodged the drops as they came down like bowling balls. The moment she thought she was in the clear, she then soon learned she had mistaken. Beatrice felt a…show more content…
The bee had an ethereal voice that she never knew she had. It was as if overnight she formed this angelic voice. It made everything better. The flowers were perked up with vibrant colors. Everything around seemed to be becoming alive and full of life. Beatrice continued going around singing her heart out. She was doing the one thing she always wanted but never thought she could. She was bringing Houston back to life. Beatrice had started her journey to enlightening the city. The days suddenly started to become filled with grey clouds that poured out rain. This made it harder for Beatrice to go out. She soon discovered that a detrimental hurricane was coming. If it hit the city, before Beatrice could change everything, it will all be destroyed and gone forever. Beatrice didn’t have any idea of how she could possibly go around the entire city in three…show more content…
All of the bees were welcoming and kind, but the moment she proposed the idea of helping the city, looks of terror crossed their faces. They were terrified of the thought of leaving their home, the only place they believed they were safe. Beatrice couldn’t just let them decide to live in fear of the world outside their safe haven
“ It isn’t living if you’re just stuck in one place, restricted from all you can explore and learn. You shouldn’t let fear control what you do. You have to fight down the wall of fear in your mind and make a difference. Help me save the city in which your home is in,”announced Beatrice.
And one by one, the bees agreed to help Beatrice save the city, so out they went. The winds were speeding up and the rain began pouring down. The bees had to fight their way through the sky. They flew around pollinating the flowers, while singing. At the end, they were able to fly over the corpse of the city and bring it back to life. Houston returned to what it was meant to be, and survived the hurricane without a
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