Beatrice and Benedick as a Couple in William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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Beatrice and Benedick as a Couple in William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

'Much Ado About Nothing' is a Shakespeare play set in Mecina. It is a
comedy, about Don Pedro and his friends. The play focuses on the
relationships of the characters, especially that of Beatrice/Benedick
and Claudio/Hero. The two romances follow two different ideas, one an
average romance in Shakespeare's day, the other a not so average
romance. Beatrice and Benedick's history together is made clear from
the start, when Beatrice tells the messenger bringing news of
Benedick's return, that he 'is no less than a stuffed man', implying
that he is very full of himself. This shows right from the start that
any romance
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This all happens in the
first scene, so their relationship is established from the beginning.

Hero and Claudio's relationship gets established near the beginning as
well. However, this one is much more simple. Claudio comments on how
the world cannot buy a jewel as great as Hero, and after Don Pedro
woos her for him they are set to get married, without any serious

The two main relationships the play focuses on are now set, and the
two audiences have different views on them. For an audience today to
see Hero and Claudio decide to get married so simply would be boring.
However, a Shakespearian audience would see this relationship as
ordinary, and not be bothered that it was so simple. Although Beatrice
and Benedick are not yet shown as in love, a Shakespearian audience
would not have thought it usual for a woman like Beatrice to be
speaking as she was about Benedick. However, today it is perfectly
normal for Beatrice to be talking like she is, so at the moment, the
two relationships are more satisfying to the different audiences.

Beatrice and Benedick's relationship has another problem. They both
like to use their wit and intelligence to try and outsmart people, and
mainly themselves. Because of this they are constantly going to be
trying to outsmart the other, and this…