Beats by Dr. Dre: Not the Average Headphones. Essay

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What brings out the best music listening experience for people? How can we achieve that optimal listening experience? The best listening experience, differs to many people because some believe the best experience from music comes from the bass, some prefer dynamics and the highs and lows, others enjoy noise cancellation and the rest enjoy all of the aspects listed. Whatever the sound preference might be, there must be a worthy headphone in the market that addresses all these aspects of the music to bring out the best experience. Though a headphone that accommodates all these features might only seem available to recording artists and professional sound producers use in the production studios, the Monsters Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats by Dre for …show more content…
Now that one understands what all the key musical aspects are, analyzing the key features of the Beats by Dre headphone (specifically the sound driver and noise cancellation) can be easier.
Features and Specifications There are three different models of Beats by Dre on-ear headphone line: the Solos, Studio, and the Pro which gets larger and holds more features respectively. But overall, all three models of the Beats by Dre line carry the two most important features that make the sound so unique. The first of the Beats by Dre features on all the models is the 40mm titanium coated sound driver which cleans up most of the distortions and gives a very clean, crisp, and balanced sounds. What a driver does is that it moves the diaphragm (a disk) in the earphone to create the sound. Thus, using titanium to coat the driver helps remove the distortion of the music that people would normally hear in cheaper headphones. In addition to the titanium coating, the size of the driver plays an important role as well. The general rule of thumb for driver size is the bigger the better because this also eliminates distortion of the music as well to amplify the bass, dynamics, and the highs to lows. Beats by Dre’s 40 mm size is relatively large in headphone terms which positively contributes to the sound quality. Naturally, a better quality material along with the larger driver size used to make the
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