Beatty Vs Montag

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Sadly for Montag, Mildred and her both of her friends called the firefighters to his home. When Montag and his co workers show up to his house everyone is a bit confused. Beatty tells Montag to burn down his own home, instead Montag continues to have a conversation with Beatty. Beatty notices the earpiece in Montag’s ear and knocks it out with a strike to Montag’s head. Beatty picks the ear piece from the ground and examines it and says, “I saw you tilt your head, listening. First I thought you had a Seashell. But when you turned clever later, I wondered. We’ll trace this and drop in on your friend”(112). At this point Montag was frantic. They can make him get in trouble, but he didn’t want to be responsible for Faber getting in trouble. Instead…show more content…
We are headed in a more technology based place like Montag’s, but not as severe. We can learn a lot from them as a whole. We should never disconnect ourselves from deeper thinking in fear of being hurt. Sometimes the things that can hurt you, can teach you the most valuable lesson. In Guy Montag’s situation his conscious was awakened when he dared to test the system. Montag's conscious wasn’t awakened on its own, he had help from his friends like Clarisse and Faber. Clarisse is the one who began it all. She asked questions that were too intellectual for the people around her and she challenged Montag to think harder. She was beyond her years, Montag even saying she acted older than his wife. When Clarisse was gone it had a big impact on Montag, she left him thinking about all the thoughts she once had. Faber also helped in the awakening by stressing the importance of books. Montag was a fireman he never even acknowledged the importance of books he just burned them, but once in awhile he saved them. Granger also contributed in the awakening because he had a tactic for keeping books alive, simply by remembering them. If they were in your mind no one could take that away from you. Montag’s journey impacted us to show that even though he went through so many hardships and was on the verge of giving up, he made it through. His journey taught him more in a few days than in his thirty years of living. Our
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