Beautiful Boy Application

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Beautiful Boy Application

1. Apply the concepts of Piaget to Nic’s development.
The fourth stage in Piagets Theory is Formal Operational Period. In this stage, which begins around eleven years of age and continues through adulthood, children become capable of applying mental operations to abstract concepts. They can imagine and reason about hypothetical situations. From this point on, people start to think in abstract, systematic, and logical ways. I believe that this is the stage that got the best of Nic. He started to drink alcohol at 11, marijuana at 12, and it just kept going. He kept experimenting with more drugs and finally Crystal Meth. To be honest I think that he may have never developed the full capacity for formal
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Did anybody even really know the real Nic? (probably not) Also, there was really never any consistency in the family. I mean the father would try his best but things always would get off track when it came to Nic and Meth.
What was consistent was the “typical behaviors” and “the way it is” that the family became accustom too. Nic’s lie, stealing, and using. To me it seemed like the family was slowly disconnecting. “Families are systems of interconnected and interdependent individuals; none can be understood when isolated from the family. “(pp)

4. What characteristics of resilience do you see in Nic? * He valued learning and he had excelled at writing. * I believe that he did have positive relationships with caring adults when he was in the right state of mind. * He also did have problem solving skills. “Now I am in my own program to recover from my addiction to [Nic’s addiction]” (p. 305). He did not always make the best choice but when not on meth he could. * He did like to help others – especially his family when he was on the right
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