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Beautiful Boy is a memoir told through the eyes of a father, David Sheff, whose son, Nic, struggles with a serious drug addiction throughout his late teens and early twenties. As Nic was growing up he was clearly a very intelligent child. He won prizes for his writing at school and was involved in sports. Nic was destined for great things ahead of him until he started smoking pot at the age of eleven. His father let him off with more or less of a warning because as a teen Sheff himself has experimented with it as well. His father begins to notice that it may be a bigger problem than he thought when Nic starts slacking in school. Skipping class, dropping grades, things that were out of character for Nic. When he was seventeen his father became aware that he was abusing alcohol as well as much more harmful drugs such as meth. Sheff, his late wife, Karen, and Nic’s mother, Vicki, put everything on the line to get Nic into various facilities throughout the course of several years. Sheff and the rest of Nics family begin to find it increasingly difficult to deal with Nics addiction. David Sheff informs people the hardships of being the parent of an addict who struggles to get his life back on track. He explains that not only is it a financial battle but an emotional battle as well.
David Sheff’s purpose is to illustrate what it is like to live the life of a parent who is not only taking care of is addicted son but who has to learn to take care of himself and the rest of his
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