Beautiful Longview Farm

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Beautiful Longview Farm sits just below Evansburg State Park, 120 acres of farmland dedicated to supporting a healthy community by supplying fresh produce and education to people of all ages. Longview Farm and Center for Agriculture is the project of the larger non­profit organization, Greener Partners, whose work spans the Greater Philadelphia area. Greener Partners believes that local food is the best kind; where those who eat it feel a connection to the soil that it is grown in and the people who cultivate it. In imagining a better food system, Greener Partners operates community Farm Hubs, such as Longview, as resources for local produce and for education, as well as inspiration, about food and farming. At Longview, the team of farmers along with first and second year apprentices grow vegetables, herbs and fruit for their own Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA). Education programs engage children, both on the farm and in area schools. The farm spans generations by offering workshops for adults and families on everything from home garden planning to the "lost arts" of our agricultural past that still are relevant and useful in our lives today. Greener Partners’ three­fold mission extends to Longview Farm. Through a variety of projects and programs they work to increase and strengthen public access to fresh, seasonal and local food. They educate people of all ages about the origins of their food and empower them to strengthen their communities. And lastly,

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