Beautiful Mind Psychology

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John Nash was extremely intelligent man but let his work take over a lot of his life. I would describe his attitude as cocky as he believed he was much smarter than others and loved to prove it which is shown in the beginning with the board game between him and Hanson. I figured that he was one that knew he was there for the education and not to party like his fellow classmates were doing. He would stay in his room studying and figuring out the hardest math problems and working them on the windows. Figuring out math problems was what made his day.The clues that were the most alarming were when Nash and Charles are sitting on the roof they are chatting on a university building roof and getting to know each other better. Nash and Charles are…show more content…
I think at the beginning of the film is where scenes best illustrate Nash's underdeveloped social skills are most prominent. The opening sequence at the luncheon in which Nash is moving the glass around to create patterns of light reflected from the sun, as opposed to socializing. The obvious social tension between Nash and Hanson would be another instance. Hanson is much more socially developed than Nash could be. The fact that Hanson is able to manipulate this into making Nash even more socially akward can be seen in their matches of Go and the interactions at the bar with the women. Nash is also seen as socially awkward in his first interaction with Alicia. In this scene, Nash is late to teach a class. After an extended tardy, he comes to class and begins teaching without any introduction or explanation to him being late. When the heat of the classroom rises, Nash closes the window disregarding his students, Alicia is the one to get up and reopens the window, while Nash just stares at her and says nothing, allowing her to open up another window letting the cool air in. My definition of a genius is a person who is extremely intelligent or creative in a certain field (such as math or literature) or in general.…show more content…
I liked the fact that at the beginning of the movie you can’t really tell which is the delusions vs reality(you actually believe at first that Parcher and Charles are real people.) I also liked that you could see Nash at his lowest points in the movie when he gives in to the delusions and then see at the end that he has learned to overcome/ignore
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