`` Beautiful Monsters `` By Eric Puchner

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Will a perfect world ever exist? The ideology behind the creation of a utopia is so that its inhabitants will be content, and have an equal understanding of one another. However, in the attempt to create this dreamlike utopia, it becomes susceptible to becoming a dystopia because individuality is destroyed in the hopes of creating unity.This futuristic, imagined universe in which oppressive societies are controlled and make it seem like a perfect world, but what do these dystopian worlds show us? In his text “Beautiful Monsters,” Eric Puchner depicts a world where adults are cast out of society. A world where children live forever and control society. It’s the conflict of the Perennials and the Senescent that shows Puncher 's political argument. Puchner’s argument is people often classify people and reject them from society through the false values that have been implemented in their society. While in Neil Gaiman 's and Bryan Talbot’s comic strip, “From Homogenous to Honey,” they depict the world where a masked assailant completely erases the homosexual narrative of history. By destroying these narratives, he is carrying out his agenda, and creating a dystopian society where everyone’s narrative is the same. Gaiman and Talbot’s argument speaks on if society were to strip away all homosexual cultural influences. They bring the conclusion of individuality being attacked leading to a lack of independent thinking, this, in turn, causes individuals to lose themselves. This

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