Beauty And Beauty Essay

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Media Distorts the Way Girls View Their Bodies Surrounded by lies, in a world dictated by beauty. One thumbs through a magazine, slowly revoking their innocence. Now with this vision of beauty imbedded within their mind, they strive for it day after day. The idea of how one once thought they were beautiful begins to fade away, as the idealistic beauty takes over. One once was so innocent, so pure now has begun to despise all their imperfections. The media has formed this ideal image of how one should look. These standards have twisted the minds of adolescents, and made them feel less than their true potential. Young girls develop distorted views on their body due to Media’s standard about idealistic beauty. Media has highly influenced what the beauty standards should be, regarding women especially. Photographers have created these impossible beauty standards that young girls look up to, by altering models digitally through Photoshop. Some of the smallest changes can be made “From transforming the light to the model’s body type.” (Ray, “Picture Imperfect”). Several small changes have developed lies, which naive minds visualize to be true. These alterations are seen everywhere. The majority of what you see daily is not actually genuine. For example, Apelbaum states “when you look at a magazine, 98% of what you see in the fashion industry is unreal.” (Ray, “Picture Imperfect”). When 98% of what one sees is not actually how it is, how a young is girl supposed to know what
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