Beauty And Edward Scissorhands Comparison Essay

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands (1990) share elements in their films to tell the same story in different ways. The elements of characters, setting and plot all share similarities. These all helped portray the films themes.

These films have many characters that share characteristics along with the same role for their own films. First, there’s the Beast and Edward. They were the ones that everyone would look at and consider wicked; in reality people are just basing this off their looks. Even though the Beast started off being monstrous, Belle had changed him to be genuine to everyone. He hadn’t even done anything wrong when the villagers attacked. Gaston had only made them believe the Beast could do …show more content…

Probably all the more reason Gaston wanted to marry her. Jim was the kid who got whatever he wanted. He was wealthy, athletic and had the beautiful head cheerleader, Kim, by his side. Both were juxtaposed by their looks and personalities. They maybe were the best looking around, but they were horrible people. They also shared the same fate; losing the girl to “the beasts” and dying trying to win them back. The villagers and suburbanites were a like in a few ways. The villagers in Beauty and the Beast minded their own business for the most part. They only played a part in trying to kill the Beast towards the end of the film. In Edward Scissorhands the suburbanites were nosy and would bring extra conflicts for Edward to overcome. The most memorable would be when Joyce tries to seduce Edward and fails. She then lies and says he tried to rape her making everyone else wonder how safe it is to be around him. In the end, they gather as a mob and try to kill Edward, just like the villagers. Also, Peg, Kim’s mother, and Papa, Belle’s father, are similar. They were aberrant compared to everyone else. Peg was into selling her Avon make-up that no one wanted to

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