Beauty And Nature : Beauty In Nature

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Beauty in nature. Beauty within one’s self. Beauty in creativity. Beauty in learning. Beauty is found all over, differing for each and every person. Appealing to one’s individual aesthetic. Beauty drives people to do things. It inspires and innovates. A “picture cannot express”(Source C) beauty, but for some societies there is an exact image. Societies set standard ideals for their nations aiming to showcase the best fit as beautiful. In the American society, beauty is seen as artificial, measured by outer looks, but women are making a change. Americans today aim to advocate beauty as uniqueness. Although, there is a catch, beauty isn't attainable without altering yourself. Ranging from major changes like facial reconstructions or minor ones like makeup looks . The idea of being beautiful is a hard set mission for most men but primarily for women. Advertisements embrace beauty but not entirely. Magazines find “different ways of telling teens about their flaws”,(Source E), in hopes of persuading them to purchase their brand.You can be beautiful with gaps in between your teeth but only if you use Maybelline mascara and foundation. Victoria Secret is famously known to have skinny beautiful models. The models that every young girl aspires to look like, calling them perfect and flawless while endorsing their fashion line. Because of advertisements “promoting unattainable images of Zavala 2 beauty”,(Source E), kids are set off to believe if they buy certain brands
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