Beauty And The Beast Character Analysis Essay

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Belle, a fictional character in the movie “Beauty And The Beast”, plays the role of an inventor’s daughter, whose name is Maurice, and who later on becomes a princess. She shares the same house with her father in a village but her mother is unknown, unspoken of, and is not part of the movie. Throughout the film, we can notice that Belle loves reading since she visits the bookseller from time to time. In addition to that, almost everyone in the village adores her. She loves her father because she helps him all the time, defends him whenever someone calls him crazy, and encourages any invention that he comes up with. Moreover, he leaves her home alone when he had to leave the village in order to attend a fair which shows how much he trusts…show more content…
In addition to that, she respected her father and always had his back by encouraging him regarding whatever he does. Despite the fact that she had no mother, Maurice managed to raise a person with a beautiful soul who stood up against anything that tried to harm anyone she cared about. According to Maurice, taking into account that he left her alone because he trusts her, she is a responsible and mature lady who can look after herself. That’s why, the developmental theory that can be applied in this movie is Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development that is composed of eight stages. But with respect to Belle’s personality, the sixth stage, Intimacy vs. Isolation, mainly reflects what she went through. Belle intimately fell in love with someone other than a family member, the beast, who is also the prince, that resulted in a feeling of dedication, affection, and protection. Based on her personality, the parenting style that is reflected in the film is the authoritative pattern. That is clearly shown due to Belle’s maturity, self-esteem, and self-responsibility. Moreover, she is independent and adores reading books over and over again. These characteristics and such an outcome can prove that Maurice is a loving father who knew how to raise his daughter by providing her needs,
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