Beauty And The Beast Comparison Essay

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A Timeless Tale The story of the Beauty and the Beast is well known amongst all ages. Though the story they portray in the Disney version is much different than what they have portrayed it in France. La Belle et la Bête has been produced twice, once in 1946 and again in 2014. These two movies tell the same story but in very different ways. The perception of this story has changed between the different time periods. The 1946 version has two sisters and one brother. The father is a merchant and they have money. There is no mention of a motherly figure. The father is very keen to his Belle staying with him, and he does not want her to leave. The 2014 version has two sisters and three brothers. The father is a merchant and they had a lot of…show more content…
This however was not the cause for the loss of their house; instead it was the brothers doing. He had been gambling and lost money without being able to pay back and signed a contract that allowed them to sue and take their possessions if they felt like it. On the father’s way back from the port he got lost and wandered upon the Beast’s castle. In the 2014 version, the father’s ships had been lost at sea, but the Mermaid had returned with its goods. By the time the father came to retrieve though, it had been picked through as he had already signed away the ships. Their possessions and house were taken because they now did not have any money. On the father’s way back from the port his horse stumbled and slid, hurting its leg. The father then treads on, falls off a cliff, and then finds the Beast’s castle. When the father enters the castle in the 1946 version, there are live-like arms that are holding candelabras and extending them when passed by. The candles light and extinguish themselves and there are hands that pour drinks and prepare food. The statues eyes follow you and smoke comes out of their noes and
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